Why should women train in the gym?


Woman and bodybuilding, why should the fairer sex also train with weights despite all the false myths about gym the fear of ‘getting bigger’ and becoming too muscular?

We begin to analyze its objective advantages:

– Increase in strength/bone size (reduction in the risk of osteoporosis)
– Strengthening of connective tissues (tendons, cartilages)
– Improvement in strength and ability to coordinate the various muscle groups
– Increase in lean body mass with a consequent increase in basal metabolism
– Reduction of fat mass, therefore weight loss
– Improvement of self
– esteem – Improvement of blood circulation
– Prevention of accidents general

Women versus men

In the world of weight training for women, gym the biggest and most terrible false myth is that of women suddenly becoming big and muscular. The fear of obscene and un-feminine results deriving from the activity with weights leads women to spend hours on cardio machines ( treadmills, elliptical, etc.) or to take those fascinating aerobics courses to sweat as much as possible (Zumba, fit- boxing, etc).

There are no studies showing that women should train with slow or controlled movements, with weights and only with machines. They certainly have a potential, in absolute terms, reduced compared to that of men, but certainly not in relative terms.

It is known that women find it difficult to obtain particularly important muscles, also due to the quantity of anabolic hormones (i.e. the hormones responsible for the development of hypertrophy) which in women are significantly lower than at least 10-20 times lower.

Furthermore, since no study has found a difference between the muscle physiology of women and men, the workouts of the two sexes must in fact follow the same principles.

Aerobic activity

Cardiovascular activity is very good for activating blood circulation, improving water retention and general well-being of the body, but it is not a good thing if you are looking for physical improvement under the muscular point of view. In fact, the loss of fat does not actually lead to an improvement in lean body mass. In fact, all these activities, although they allow you to burn calories and lose weight, are not intense enough to provide the body with a stimulus to develop lean mass.

If a woman aims at concrete aesthetic improvement, therefore trying to ‘sculpt’ her body with BodyBuilding, she must necessarily train with weights. Aerobic activities also, if done for too long, can lead to an excessive increase in cortisol which causes counterproductive results towards the increase in lean mass. Opting for 20-30 minutes of cardio at the end of the workout is usually the best choice.


Toning mainly depends on an athlete’s training level. It is therefore a consequence of constant training in the gym.

Training should be heavy and intense enough to induce adaptations in the tendons, ligaments, cartilages and muscles. If the intensity is insufficient, the results will be minimal.


Ignore too isolated training if you don’t have to prepare for a stage competition and concentrate on complex multi-joint movements, such as bench press exercises, squats, deadlifts. A great improvement of the buttocks, for example, is achieved with constant squat sessions and other exercises that involve the whole body, there are no shortcuts or perfect isolations.
Don’t be afraid of getting bigger, don’t be afraid of doing commonly seen exercises for men … ‘BE STRONG, BE SEXY!’