Training after the summer break


Many times after returning from the holidays after the summer break, days of absolute rest in which we have allowed ourselves some extra food extravaganza, we find ourselves with many good intentions and the desire to start training again … yes but how?

A person who has trained constantly throughout the year and has also maintained a more than controlled diet can only benefit from a break like the summer one, in fact, his whole body will relax both physically and mentally (for example, in our body there are structures, such as the tendon ones that after a prolonged and excessive effort require 6 to 12 months of recovery).

The first advice on this topic is to calculate at least one month of rest or low-speed workouts in a year of training, which means that during this month one or two training sessions per week are more than enough.

We now come to the practical side of the exercises to start again after this necessary and deserved rest.
We recommend, for the first two weeks, to perform a full-body session, consisting of one or at most two exercises per muscle group, divided as follows:

– Bench flat 4 × 20
-Croci incline 2 × 12
-Remote handlebar with 2 × 10
– Lat machine forward 4 × 20
-Lento behind with dumbbells 4 × 12
– Curl alternating with dumbbells 2 × 12
-Spine for triceps to the cable 3 × 15
-Squat 4 × 20

The ideal would be to perform this training routine 1 only once the first week, 2 times in the second and third week of recovery, completing with the 4 week in which the session should be repeated only once again.

As for nutrition after the snacks of the summer break, start by eliminating junk foods without being too restrictive as regards the rest during this first month of training, then you will slowly resume eating correctly.
In this period it will be sufficient to limit the fats and eliminate the carbohydrates in the evening, opting for meat or fish and vegetables.