The importance of BodyBuilding in 5 points


The biggest truth that comes to mind when thinking of BodyBuilding is that it shapes the body and improves the health of the body like no other sport can do.

But bodybuilding is much more than what one usually thinks.

To convince even the most skeptical people it is necessary to explain the 5 fundamental aspects.

That body-building allows us to shape the body as no other sport can do is now a well-established and scientifically proven reality but this discipline not only helps increase the volume of muscle mass but improves aerobic capacity, the immune system, fat metabolism, the intake of important nutrients and promotes mental abilities.

Often, however, people remain perplexed and skeptical about the benefits that bodybuilding can give to our body and our lifestyle but to convince them just to explain the 5 simple aspects.

Aspect 1: Fat metabolism

Many bodybuilding programs (routines) include an aerobic component in which fats are used as primary fuel during the session and represent an important aspect of training because it allows improving the definition of muscle tissue.

To be precise, it must be said that several sports are also able to improve the metabolism of fats but it should also be specified that only bodybuilding can develop all the muscles in a balanced way, intensifying the aerobic effect and allowing the body to fight against fat mass training even when the body is not under training.

Fat loss is a great way to improve the quality of life and improve the consideration of others towards ourselves. Right or wrong, a person’s physical appearance is the first thing that is looked at and through which a person can be judged. A 1984 study showed that physically poorly gifted people can be viewed as intellectually inferior, unreliable, incompetent, and sometimes aggressive.

Proper bodybuilding practice promotes excellent relationships with our bodies and improves social relationships.

Aspect 2: Muscle gain

Muscle gain is one of the most important aspects that push people to approach bodybuilding as it allows them to improve the volume of muscle tissue. The main reasons are usually the possibility of having an enviable body to show on the beach, the ability to be attractive to the opposite sex, or the desire to participate in sports competitions.

After all, as previously seen, a muscular body gives the impression of strength, motivation, and discipline to every human being. But what people don’t understand is that the increase in muscle benefits various functions of the organism such as the sensitivity of the receptors to insulin which favors weight training.

As muscle volume increases, there is an increase in insulin receptors and their sensitivity which guarantees correct disposal of carbohydrates and a low level of sugar in the blood, preventing diseases such as diabetes.

Aspect 3: Mental faculties

Weight training improves your perception of yourself even though it is damn true that entering a gym is rewarding if you have a well-developed and robust body that could be discouraging for everyone else.

However, it is only a temporary condition because with the right constancy and determination the first encouraging results will not be long in coming, after all, you have to start somewhere. Once the first results are obtained, a feeling of invulnerability will invade the mind and improve the desire to excel in all other aspects of life. Bodybuilding, in this sense, improves self-confidence and strengthens life prospects.

This aspect is largely motivated by the fact that during a physical effort our body releases endorphins that produce an important feeling of euphoria not to mention that training promotes the production of testosterone, the male sex hormone responsible for many functions of the body.

Aspect 4: Health of the body

A muscular body promotes the correct functionality and mobility of the joints as a correct training reinforces our joints thus removing the risk of injury that can be found in everyday life.

It has been shown that weight training even improves the bone structure as the resistance exerted to counteract the exercise produces chemical reactions inside the bone capable of intensifying the calcification process.

The health of the organism is also facilitated by the fact that, to prepare positively for daily training, the essential nutrients for the body are taken and that during the exercise with weights, unwanted substances are eliminated. We all know the importance of the right amount of carbohydrates and the need to store it correctly in the body but the proteins, vitamins, minerals, and essential fats that go to contribute heavily to muscle growth should not be overlooked.

As muscle mass increases, the synthesis capacity of proteins also increases, important not only for muscle repair but also for other enzymatic and metabolic functions of the body.

Therefore, a correct bodybuilding diet ensures the correct amount of protein while the purely aerobic aspect ensures the removal of excess carbohydrates and the elimination of harmful substances for our body.

Aspect 5: Athleticism

Developing your body so that it is optimally balanced and perfectly functional supports athletic and sporting performance. It is clear that a correct bodybuilding training program contains a weight session, an aerobic session and a session focused on flexibility exercises, it is clear that this discipline can help people achieve good physical performance in many sports and competitive activities.

Many athletes use bodybuilding training methods to improve their sports performance: powerful muscles, joints, and well-developed bone structure are fundamental requirements for many athletic disciplines and only bodybuilding can shape the body with balance and harmony.