Muscle mass and its role


Muscle mass is very important as the task performed by the different muscle groups of our human body, which all together make up the muscular system, is to encourage contraction.

Based on their physical characteristics, the types of muscles in our body can be classified into:

Skeletal striated muscles

whose name is linked precisely to the large transverse striations that are visible even with the naked eye on one side and to their being connected to the bones on the other and whose contraction depends on nerve impulses.

Myocardial striated muscles , also characterized by streaks and which contract automatically.

Smooth muscles that unlike the two previous types have no streaks and whose contraction is linked to hormonal factors or external stimuli and is therefore not directly linked to the subject’s will.

In addition to its physiological functions, muscle mass is very important also because it is considered one of the main factors for judging a person’s physical fitness status both in purely sporting but also aesthetic terms as in bodybuilding.

To keep the body’s muscle mass healthy, responsive and aesthetically pleasing, it is necessary to combine in a balanced way a good weight training program associated with an equally balanced diet .

The health and the shape of the muscular system depend in fact in a decisive way both from the regular practice of a sporting activity and from following a balanced diet that allows the body to keep toned or grow muscle mass according to its objectives.

It therefore goes without saying that the training and diet program varies according to your personal and sporting goals:

those who aspire to an increase in muscle mass should practice above all strength and weight overload sports such as bodybuilding, preferring an athlete’s diet rich in proteins;

. those who simply want to tone up their muscle mass can train in the gym but also practice any type of sporting activity as long as this is associated with a healthy and balanced diet;

. those who want to stretch and stretch their muscles should devote themselves to activities such as stretching combined with a healthy and light diet.