Eight Ways To Double Your Workout Intensity


Have you been working out to lose weight, tone up, and build muscle but you want to do something that will get better and faster results?  By increasing your workout intensity, you can reach your goal, becoming the envy of all your friends.  Whether you are just starting out or are someone who has been in the gym for years, there are things you can do that will make a huge difference in your overall transformation.

The interesting thing is that you can increase your workout intensity using the same type of routine you are currently using or by changing your routine altogether. Many people think the way to making a workout more intense is by using heavier weights but in truth, you can simply switch things up and start to see huge changes.  After all, adding more weight to your current workout could be harmful by causing injury and not giving your muscles the needed time for recovery.

We wanted to show you effective ways that you can double your workout intensity while having fun and seeing results.

  • Speed of Repetition – Typically, people will do repetitions by using the one second up and one second down philosophy.  However, to build muscle faster and better, make the speed of your repetitions work for you differently.  This means lowering the weight slowly but only on the negative part of the exercise.  This means you have increased the intensity of your workout by 100% by making this simple change.  Then, you can change the speed for variety.
  • Tension – Another great way to increasing the intensity of your workout is by working with tension manipulation.  Let us say you were doing leg presses.  In this instance, instead of completing a full repetition that would involve you locking and then pausing at the top of the exercise, change it so you count a slow four seconds on the way down, none once at the bottom, and then a slow three seconds as you lift the left again.  By doing this, there is continuous tension and thereby, a more effective exercise.
  • Tempo – Regardless of the exercise being done, you can change the tempo, which automatically changes the intensity.  The key here is that you want to keep all the exercises controlled and not too slow.  If you like, you can always add a little more weight while switching the tempo for even greater results.
  • Resting – When you work out, the muscles are being torn down so after resting and during the next workout, they are rebuilt even stronger.  This rest time is crucial to seeing the results you want.  Known as recovery, make sure you rest by never working the same part of the body two days in a row.  As you go back into the gym the next time, you will find that your muscles respond much better.
  • Stretching – Deep stretches are a great way to increase the intensity of your workout.  This is easily done by adding in a two to three-second pause once you reach the bottom position of an exercise and stretching before you move on to the next repetition.
  • Breakdowns – When choosing weights for your exercises, make sure you choose the weight that can be done for five to six repetitions.  After one set, reduce the weight by 20%, and for each set thereafter.
  • Partials – A great way to get and keep blood in the body’s muscles for a longer amount of time is by doing what are known as “partials”.  This means rather than complete full repetitions, you do only partial repetitions.
  • Muscle Failure – The final tips we wanted to provide on how to increase the intensity of your workout is by getting close to muscle failure.  Interestingly, this phase happens quickly but the closer you get to it, the more your muscles will respond favorably.  To get the strong, defined muscles you want, it all boils down to short but precise movements that happen at the end of each.  Then, pushing yourself in the next set will help you reach muscle failure, which means you are pushing the muscle to perform at the highest level possible!