When you sleep, your body is fasting. If you sleep as much as I recommend hard-training bodybuilders and fitness athletes – seven to nine hours a night – fat that’s a long time for your body to get nothing to eat. Letting so many hours pass between meals during the day – no athlete striving for mass would come up with the idea. More than a few hours without food – the blood sugar level already drops. Because the brain can only work at full speed with sugar (glucose), the body reacts by starting to break down muscle protein.fat It converts amino acids into glucose for the brain. In other words, your body literally eats up its own muscle mass to get fuel for the brain.

So you should even eat something before going to bed, preferably a slowly digestible protein. A protein drink with casein, especially micellar casein, is a good choice because it ensures a slow, continuous supply of amino acids for up to seven hours. That means your body benefits from amino acids that can be converted to glucose so it doesn’t have to break down muscle protein. If you add enough casein – about 40 grams – before going to bed, you not only prevent muscle breakdown, no, the high-quality amino acids also stimulate muscle growth while you sleep.

It also consumes healthy fats, such as two tablespoons of flaxseed oil, two tablespoons of peanut butter, or 30 grams of mixed nuts. Healthy fats cause casein protein to be digested even more slowly and insulin sensitivity is preserved. Slowly digestible carbohydrates, such as those found in a bowl of porridge or two slices of whole-grain bread, are a good addition to protein and healthy fats. These foods ensure that your brain is fed overnight constant with glucose, resulting in the destruction of muscle protein defeated, and they will not be stored as body fat …