Diets are annoying

hardly anyone denies that. The moment you decide to cut out carbohydrates or fats, nothing suddenly looks more tempting than foods that have just that in excess and success. A message that should make you happy: Sometimes you have to cheat to get rid of body fat! Even the strictest diet eventually stops working because the body adjusts to the reduced food intake and radically slows down its metabolism in order to save precious energy. When that happens you are doubly poor: not only do you have to go hungry, success but you also have to put up with not burning fat. Schedule a cheat day every week that will force your metabolism to run higher for a while, which will have a beneficial effect on your diet days. The effect is really a stunner. However, cheating with success day is not a license to stuff yourself with donuts, fries, or Chicken McNuggets and other fat bombs.

Here are the rules

you have one cheat day a week, and your diet determines what you should eat that day. If your carbohydrate intake is low, you keep your usual protein and fat intake but add more burning carbohydrates. The goal you should aim for is 6.6 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight a day. With a low fat intake, you keep your carbohydrate and protein intake unchanged and increase total calories and fat intake. Increases your total calories by 50 to 75% and your fat intake by five to seven times. Regardless of your diet, this speeds up your metabolism and ensures continuous fat burning. Otherwise, you just have to know that nothing can replace your normal protein intake. For example, you can’t eat a chocolate bar instead of a protein drink.

Supplement fast carbohydrates without additional fat (low-carbohydrate diet)

Breakfast: Add a large bowl of cornflakes

Snack: Add a handful of wine gum

Lunch: Prepare one or two sandwiches with white bread

Snack: Add one or two baked potatoes to the protein snack

Dinner: Add white rice and flatbread with beef or chicken

Snack: Add a few slices of white bread with jam or honey to the protein drink

Supplement calories and fat without too many additional carbohydrates (low-fat diet)

Breakfast: add whole eggs and bacon, use cream in the coffee

Snack: Add snickers to your protein drink

Lunch: Garnish the turkey sandwich with mayonnaise and cheese

Snack: Spread peanut butter on whole-wheat bread

Dinner: Eat a large steak instead of chicken breast, make a salad with olive oil-based dressing, possibly even add avocado slices

Snack: Consume a large cheeseburger