10 foods that boosting your immune system

Today, we talk about the boosting your immune system, we know that the immune system is the part of our body that protects our body from any bacteria from germs or from diseases, if we start it, we will not have any problem. Also, the coronavirus is going on a lot these days, I will tell you something that will help us in boosting your immunity system.


boosting your immune system
immune system

Broccoli is a very vegetable but not many people know that it is very good for our body, it strengthens our immune system. Protein, calcium, carbohydrate, iron, vitamin A, C, and many other nutrients are found in plenty. Many types of salts are also found in it, which are helpful in keeping the sugar level balanced boosting your immune.

Benefits of eating broccoli:

1. To prevent heart disease

Carotenoids lutein is found in broccoli. It keeps the arteries of the heart healthy. Consumption of this reduces the risk of heart attack and other diseases. The potassium present in it does not allow cholesterol levels to rise.

2. Reduces the possibility of cancer

Consumption of broccoli also reduces the risk of cancer. Fibro Chemicals are found in large amounts in broccoli.


boosting your immune system,immune system

From ovarian cancer to colorectal cancer, ginger has proven to be extremely helpful in treating everyone. One study found that ginger powder induces the death of ovary cancer cells.

 Ginger also has the ability to deal with other types of cancer, including lung, breast, skin, prostate, and pancreatic cancers and it increase boosting your immune system.

Ginger is used daily in every household. Who does not like to drink ginger tea in the morning. Ginger is also added to many vegetables and lentils. So let’s know what are the benefits of including it in daily food. 

– Iron, calcium, chlorine, vitamins etc. are found in ginger. It is also antiviral. 

– Its intake makes the immune system strong.

 – Ginger intake makes the digestive system strong. 

– Use of ginger in cold, cold, cough is considered very beneficial.

 – Ginger is also the solution to the problem of loss of appetite. 


immune system

Spinach contains beta carotene, lutein, and chlorophyll. All these are helpful in keeping your eyes healthy. At the same time, they also make boosting your better. Which is only a part of the retina? The macula works as a natural sunblock for the eye and protects the eyes from the damage caused by light. 

 Drinking soup is considered good for health. Spinach soup has some special properties that make our immune system strong. Spinach is rich in Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, Vitamin K, Iron and Magnesium. Its soup is considered better for health. Nowadays most people buy ready made powder of soup. Soup is very easy to make at home too. It does not take much time either. Learn the recipe of Spinach Special Soup.


immune system

With the change in weather, we should take special care of our health to avoid cold or flu. This is the right time when you pay attention to your boosting‌ ‌your immune system and lifestyle habits. To ensure a strong immune system, we must pay attention to our diet.

 We should include such foods in our diet that help to increase the immunity level. One such food item which can play an important role in improving your immunity with the change in weather. 


boosting your immune system
immune system

Almonds help a lot in speeding up the min.d and enhancing beauty, but do you know that almonds should be eaten with cold water in the morning…

Eating almonds make the immune system stronger Eating almonds makes the immune system stronger.

Let’s know, 3 ways with which to start the day…

1. On waking up in the morning, first, drink half a liter of cold water. Drinking cold water on an empty stomach helps to increase metabolism.

2. Eat six to ten almonds and walnuts on an empty stomach, this creates some enzymes that help to increase metabolism.

3. Breakfast is a little heavy so that there is no lack of energy for the whole day. It should be rich in carbohydrates and protein.

Sunflower seeds

boosting your immune system
immune system

Immunity is called immunity or immunity in Hindi. It gives the body the ability to fight against any type of microorganisms (disease-causing bacteria, viruses, etc.)

 it gives our body the power to fight against diseases. Foods play an important role in increasing the immunity of the body.

 Fresh fruits and vegetables contain plenty of antioxidants and protect the body from various diseases. Researchers believe that diet, exercise, age, mental stress.


immune system
boosting your immune system

Everyone is trying to make the immune system strong and stimulate it to work well. Actually, a Strong Immune System is said to be the most important way to protect against Coronavirus.Turmeric present in Indian kitchens is said to be an immunity-boosting spice.

Natural Pain Reliever and provides relief from heart diseases. This element also works to maintain insulin level and increase the effect of diabetes medicines. 

It is a good antioxidant and also prevents free radicals damage. Curcumin can be considered an effective element for cancer prevention in various studies.

Green tea

immune system
boosting your immune system

To increase immunity, first of all choose a healthy lifestyle. It is important to follow some general health-related guidelines to increase immunity. Along with immunity, every part of your body will also start functioning in a very effective way with the help of these suggestions.

 Suggestions are as follows – 

Do not smoke.

Eat a diet consisting of nutritious vegetables, fruits, whole grains and low saturated fats.Exercise daily.

Keep your weight balanced.

Normalizing Your Blood Pressure


boosting your immune system
immune system

Papaya consumption can be a good tool for you to increase immunity because according to research, papaya is found to have immunity enhancing properties.

Due to the richness and digestive properties of papaya, it helps to keep the digestive system healthy, as well as papaya contains laxative properties which also help to relieve constipation.

Papaya seed extract can be beneficial in reducing the symptoms of diabetes because according to research, it has anti-diabetic properties. 

If you are troubled by swelling due to any injury or due to illness, then home treatment done by papita is very beneficial. Applying papaya fruit on the medulla reduces swelling.


boosting your immune system
immune system

Kiwi fruit can fulfill your day-to-day vitamin C. Kiwi is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, it also increases disease resistance. A normal-sized kiwi contains 64 mg of vitamin-C, due to the antioxidants present in the kiwi, it protects the body from the side effects of free radicals and strengthens the immune system. Due to strong immune system, there is no rush to attack any disease and any virus. Kiwi has a sour-sweet taste. 

It has many big benefits in terms of health. Being rich in dietary fiber, it keeps the digestive system healthy. Eating kiwi daily reduces the problem of physical weakness or fatigue. 

The antioxidants present in it provide plenty of energy to the body.

If women consume kiwi from the beginning of pregnancy, folic acid is supplied in the woman’s body. It is good for better development of the fetus. 

Due to being rich in natural glucose, it does not allow the level of glucose in the blood to rise. Eating kiwi regularly strengthens bones and muscles.


Immunity is our body’s ability to fight toxins. These toxins can be bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites or any other harmful substances. If our immunity is strong, it not only protects us from cold and cough, but also protects us from many diseases including hepatitis, lung infection, kidney infection.