Bodybuilding alphabet


A – Nutrition: any type of training without the support of an adequate diet is useless and indeed in some cases, it can even worsen the initial situation. Never skip meals as this will only result in a loss of bodybuilding muscle mass by slowing down your metabolism. If your goal is to increase muscle mass, try to eat as much as possible, guaranteeing proteins and carbohydrates to your body every 3-4 hours; the ideal would be to make 5-6 meals a day trying to increase the calorie intake as much as possible to promote hypertrophy. (getting some well-deserved rest).bodybuilding

B – Drink! (and obviously, we are not referring to alcohol): always take an adequate amount of liquids and avoid getting the feeling of being thirsty already an index of dehydration.bodybuilding

C – Crunches: initially never train your abs more than twice a week as they are muscles like the others and just like the others they must be trained. bodybuilding

D – Weight loss: to be effective, aerobic training aimed at weight loss must be kept within the lipolytic frequency, kept constant for at least 20 minutes. bodybuilding

E – Exercises: each exercise must be performed correctly and to the best of your ability, study its kinetics well, and do it in front of a mirror to check yourself. Don’t be in a hurry to lift heavy weights as during the mass phase it is sufficient to increase even one kg per week per exercise.

F – Heart rate: if in the morning you wake up with a high heart rate and you are fatigued, you have probably fallen into the tunnel of overtraining; take a 15-day break and leave gradually.

G – Fat: do not try to increase muscle mass and at the same time eliminate adipocytes (fat deposits); our body badly accepts two completely different stimuli.

H – Help: in the gym, you attend, perform the exercises designed specifically for you by competent people without copying the ones you see others doing. Do not be ashamed to ask for explanations for each exercise you have to face, the instructors are there for that and above all, you will not risk hurting yourself.

I – Integration: in your daily diet never forget the intake of fiber and therefore integrate your energy needs with vegetables and cereals.

L – Work hard: do not look for “alternative” ways to hard work since only this will guarantee long-lasting and concrete results, but above all, you will not endanger your health.

M – Muscle mass: if you aim to increase muscle mass, never exceed two weekly workouts and make sure that each session does not exceed two hours, otherwise you will inevitably catabolize muscle mass. Avoid doing aerobic activities and always aim for multi-joint exercises with a very high synergy between the muscle groups. This is the only way to achieve muscle hypertrophy.

N – News: keep up to date on the latest industry news … and who better than BodyBuilding. it can help you in this?

Comparing and exchanging opinions is also very important, it will allow you to improve and get to know different realities from yours (here is one of the reasons why the forum is available to you ).

O – Eye (to skills): before enrolling in a gym, make sure that those who work there (and in whose hands you will put yourself ….) are competent and prepared in the sector in which they operate. Don’t be ashamed to ask for information on the awards and certificates that each instructor should have.

P – Daily meals: if your goal is to define yourself, you will have to reduce the daily calorie intake by halving the carbohydrates (the ideal would be 100gr of carbohydrates per day) and increasing the protein. Do not forget to eat more meals (approximately 5-6 daily meals are excellent).

Q – Matter of style: bodybuilding is not only a sport but a healthy and correct lifestyle. You will have to struggle and the sacrifices will be many, but we guarantee that you will be amply rewarded if you decide to become part of this world, accepting it in all its facets.

A – Results: there will be days in which you will wonder if it is worth doing all this effort and others in which you will be enthusiastic about the path taken, well! Concentrate only on the latter and the results will not belong incoming, you must be the first to believe it.

S – Somatotypes: before starting to train, worry about which somatotype you belong to, this will guarantee you to personalize your training by making the most of your potential

T – Time: during training, if you are in a mass phase, take all the time you need to recover between one series and another (if you also need 5 minutes, stop well). You will see that you will get more energy to carry out the next series and all the exercises afterward, allowing you to also increase the weights.

U – Use your head: always think about what you are doing during a workout, the psychological component is very important for achieving goals. Get used immediately to keep a training diary in which you will record your progress and also the phases of the stall, it will be useful to improve the knowledge you have of your body. Always give your best in every training session and take care of the movements you perform: in this sport, even the slightest distraction can cost you dearly and slow down your improvements.

V – Vitamins: whether you are facing a mass period or you are in a defining one (summer is upon us …) don’t forget to satisfy your daily vitamin requirement ( excellent supplements are found ).

Z – Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz: that is, remember that to grow muscles, they also need rest, okay therefore at night raids on the weekend, but without exaggerating; try to rest at least 7-8 hours per night otherwise all the hours spent sweating in the gym will not help.