Avoid making these mistakes while exercising in the gym

exercising in the gym

Going to the gym for workouts remains everyone’s choice today. If you do a good workout, you may get good results, but if your workout is not good, you may get a long delay in getting results for exercising in the gym.

At the same time, some people sit with such ignorance while doing workouts, due to which they have to stop their workouts for several days or they can also get a serious injury.

Therefore, you need to work out while staying under an expert, so that you know the right position and the right way to exercising in the gym.

Today I am telling you about the most common Common Mistakes, if you are careful, then your chances of being erased will be greatly reduced.

Do not take pre-workout miles

Before going to the gym or before a workout, you should take such miles so that you get energy for a long time and you can stay active. Because when you sweat in the gym, your energy and stamina are reduced along with sweat, then this mile removes your problem.

Many people make the biggest mistake of not taking this mile because if you skip this mile, you cannot get the energy to work out in the gym and you get tired quite quickly. So you don’t skip pre-workout miles at all.

For more information about pre-workout miles, you can read this section of ours.

Don’t warm up

After going to the gym, it is very important to first warm-up before doing any exercise.

If you do not do this then your body remains in the Relax mode and your muscles are not able to stretch, so before exercising, it is very important to warm the body (Warm-Up), for which these methods can be adopted … ….

Walk on the treadmill for about 15-20 minutes, and gradually increase its speed.

Stretch (pull) all parts of the body, including hamstrings (back muscles of the thigh), glutes (above the leg, waist muscles), shoulders, back, quad (muscles around the femur bone), kafj (heel) ), And be sure to stretch the other muscles.

Wrongly exercise

The first rule of going to the gym is that you have to leave your ego at home, that is, there is no need to lift more weight than your capacity to show you there.

But if you still do this to show everyone, then at first your way of exercising will be wrong due to high weight and then you can get injured, there may be a stretch in the waist etc.

So I would say that even if you use less weight, but keep in mind the position of exercise, that you are not doing anything wrong, because a mistake can cost you dearly.

Do not relax

After exercise, resting your body is most important. Most people put their full energy into lifting and exercising, and when they complete the exercise they become very tired.

This means that they do not have enough energy to run 10 minutes at a lower speed on the treadmill to relay their body, which is very important.

So if you want a body with toned muscles, then you take time to relax your body.

other reason

Many times people do not drink water in the midst of exercise. Whereas to keep the body hydrated, water should also be drunk periodically.

Sometimes the wrong selection of shoes also increases the chances of getting injected. You must know that different types of shoes are designed according to the workout, such as-

Training shoes

Running shoes

Walking shoes

e.t.c. Therefore, use running shoes for running and training for running, so that you do not get hurt.